No Snow in the Ski Report? There's Still Plenty To Do

It's bound to happen on at least one ski or snowboard trip in your life: you've been planning? it for months, you've booked the accommodations, you're heading to the mountains?and there's barely a dusting of snow on the ground. Even though no snow may mean fewer runs and less time skiing and snowboarding, you don't have to let a less-than-optimal ski report bring you down.

There's plenty to do in a mountain town that will help you keep up your fitness plan, stay healthy, feel good and make it one of the best getaways of the season.

Mountain Biking

If you see the ski report shows no snow, you can plan ahead and bring your mountain bike—or just rent one when you get there. But no snow on the mountains usually means the trails are dry, cool and beckoning. If you're not going to rush downhill on the snow, do it on two wheels. You'll get your sweat on, some brisk, fresh air into your lungs and your adrenalin pumping at the same time.

Trail Running or Hiking

Likewise, if you aren't into mountain biking, going for a hike or long trail run will earn you dinner and cocktails with your friends—or a more arduous run will give you a good dose of altitude training.

Go Fish

Even if you never thought you'd be the type, hiring a guide to take you fly fishing for salmon and trout in the surrounding streams, rivers or lakes can be a really cool experience. It may not be super active but it'll keep you on your feet and outside, enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

Spa Day

Every winter resort town has at least one spa—some high end and some more affordable. Treat yourself: massage, facial, beauty treatments—whatever your bag, turn your trip into a little bit of luxury.

Yoga or Other Fitness Classes

Mountain towns are full of athletes—professional and non—so their yoga studios and fitness centers are usually state-of-the-art, complete with tons of conditioning classes. Drop in or buy a small, travel package of two or three classes, whatever they may offer.

Rock Climbing

Well, you are in the mountains—beautiful canyons, climbing routes, slabs, crags and boulders are abound. Although indoor gyms are ideal if you're just getting started, if you've got some experience, plan ahead and bring your ropes and gear.

Ice Skating

Chances are, wherever it is you're choosing to visit, you'll be able to find a nearby outdoor skating rink. What better way to enjoy a winter vacation than on a pair of skates and a cup of hot chocolate afterwards?

Xbox 360

Just kidding. Get outside!

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