Mix Up Your Routine and Achieve Your Goals

Routine can be a very good thing. Except when it comes to running.

The reason your workouts should change is because you will plateau. Repeating the same moves everyday will not improve your goals.

If you're looking to change anything about your fitness, it might be time to change your routine and your level of intensity. Make sure to include something you enjoy or try something new!

You should always be challenging your body in order to keep improving your fitness level. Change your routine every few weeks to keep your body  Even small changes to an exercise can help you avoid hitting a plateau.

Here are a few examples to add to your fitness routine:


This can be one of the easiest ways to exercise anywhere in almost any outfit.

How to change it up?

Add a few sets of stairs that you find along the way, charge up a hill or add some moving lunges.


Find a cardio machine you enjoy at the gym, or an activity outside.

How to change it up?

There are many ways to challenge your cardio strength. On a machine, stay on for five extra minutes. Incorporate sprints in your workout. If you enjoy the elliptical machine, try upping your speed for a minute, back to your regular pace for a few minutes, then try speed again. This gets your heart rate up and challenges your pace.

If you are more of an outdoors person, find a new sport to try. The key is to challenge your body. 

Strength Training

This can be done at home or at the gym.

How to change it up?

Work each muscle group from a different angle. If you use dumbbells regularly switch to just body weight and vice verse. Try balancing on one leg when doing bicep curls. Do pushups instead of chest presses or add weights to your squats. Another suggestions if to incorporate a balance ball in your routine.

Switch up your routine and push your muscles to the next level. You will grow stronger, get lean and improve your health over time.

Madeline Romeo is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  She is a marathon runner and triathlete. She started as an Athletic Trainer for college athletes in 2000 and moved to coaching and personal training in 2006. Her motto: "We all need that person who can see our strengths and abilities, and can push us further than we can push ourselves." www.MobileWorkoutSD.com

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