Her Story: Bridget Simpson, Running for Health

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Bridget Simpson
Franklin, Tennessee

Age: 43

In 2005, I crossed the finish line of the Country Music 1/2 Marathon on my 40th birthday. Since then, I've completed more than 12 marathons and half marathons, and am still going strong!

Before I took control of my life and became healthy and fit, I dealt with Blastocystis hominis, a difficult digestive disorder that causes abdominal cramping and severe bloating. I chose to use this diagnosis as a wake-up call: I immediately changed everything about my eating habits and began working out daily as opposed to whenever the mood hit. I switched to an almost 100-percent organic diet and tripled my intake of fruits and vegetables.

The result? I no longer have this digestive issue and never had to take prescription medicine. Now I'm averaging a running event per month, sometimes two.

What I've come to realize is that age is truly just a number--you're never too old to reach your peak. I've also learned that my best runs are those in which I let myself get lost in the joy of being out there.

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