Hamstring Stretch

Hamstrings: Find a fence or wall about waist high and stand about 3 feet away from it. Keep one foot on the ground and put the other foot on top of the fence with the leg fully extended. Reach out with arm on same side of body as leg and touch the knee cap. Gradually move the hand down your leg until you can touch your toes. This may be difficult at first but with time you will get it.

Stand straight up and spread the legs about 3 feet apart. Bend at the waist and lean down towards the right foot. Bend over as far as you can and try to get your head to touch the right knee cap. (This will be impossible at first but in time the more flexible people can do it.) With the right hand, reach down and grab the back of the ankle. Hold for 10 seconds. Then reach out and touch your toes. Hold for 10 seconds. Do this 2-3 times and switch legs.

Lay on the ground with your back flat. Raise your left leg and grab the back of the knee with both hands. Keeping the leg fully straight, pull the leg back towards your head as far as it will go. Make sure to keep the leg straight. Do 2-3 reps and switch legs.

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