Embarrassing Workout Issues No One Talks About

It's easy to come up with workout excuses. You don't have your shoes, you have no time, your boobs are too big to exercise, you're having a bad hair day, you're on your period, your sweat smells or you feel fat.

There are thousands of excuses, some might even feel embarrassing. But, as a workout diva, I've heard them all. And you're not alone. Many women share the same embarrassing situations at the gym. Here are some helpful tips to get over the embarrassment and in the gym. Stop making excuses; find a solution and get moving. 

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The Pee Look

Avoid that unwanted "I just went pee look" and wear boy shorts or spandex under your workout bottoms. Also, avoid cotton pants. Sweat just goes right through them.

Visible Panty Lines

Panty lines stink. It's like a big welcome sign for everyone to look at your butt. People can even make out if you're wearing granny panties or not. Instead, try wearing thongs. Initially they're uncomfortable, but you'll get used to them and forget you're wearing them.

You Smell in the Middle of Your Workout

Even though you shower constantly, you still get a horrific odor when you workout. Try using baby powder on your skin before dressing. Throughout your workout you'll get little bursts of freshness. Plus, you won't have to worry about smelling, so you'll feel more confident.

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Bad Make Up After Your Workout

Why wear make up when you exercise? It clogs your pores and doesn't stay on. But, if you must wear make up, remember that less is more. Steer clear of department store eye-liners and mascaras, they actually tend to feather and bleed more than a very affordable grocery store brand.

Can't Remove Eye Make-Up

Do you have trouble removing water-resistant eye make-up?  Here's a little trick, try using petroleum jelly. Gently rub the jelly over your eyes. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a dry tissue.

Dry Skin

Is your skin dry skin? Try using Lancome's Nutrix Royal Body Cream. It creates instant moisture and softness on the skin.

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