An Exercise Plan with Your Baby

You have probably realized the lack of time to exercise or care for yourself. That's why the following exercises help you fit fitness into your life as a new mom.

Exercising with baby can be a great time for both of you! Turn your stroller walk into a workout or try one of the following exercises that you will do with your baby in tow.

  1. Front Pack Pile Squat

    Make sure baby is safe and snug in a front pack carrier.

    Stand with legs wide and feet pointing to the corners of the room. Engage your abs and lower your bottom straight down. The goal is to get legs close to parallel but do what feels comfortable to you. Squeeze buns and thighs to return to the starting position.

  2. Front Pack Lunge

    Make sure baby is safe and snug in a front pack carrier. A lunge is also one of the most popular gym exercises because it does so much at once. In just this one exercise, you work the buns and thighs. Stand in a long staggered lunge stance. Bend knees and descend to form a 90-degree angle with upper and lower position of each leg.

    The kneecap of front leg should be approximately over the last shoelace. Keep front heel down and weight distributed evenly through front foot. Heel of back leg is up off floor and ball of foot is in contact with floor. Keep head over hips and eyes focused directly forward. Keep chest expanded and shoulder blades squeezed together while holding baby upright. Return to start position and repeat.

    Tip: It's more important to have a long stride than to lunge deep. If you feel off balance, make your stance wider.

  3. Front Pack Wall Squat

    Standing with your back to a bare wall, slide down to until your legs are at a 90 degree angle. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, toes forward, abdominals tucked. Hold this position and squeeze your buns.

    Ideally, hold for one minute or until your thighs beg for mercy. Slide back up and repeat three times. This is a great time to sing to your baby while you're minute counts down!

  4. Baby Hip Bridge

    Lie down and place baby on your hips. Squeeze your buns and raise hips about three inches off the ground. Hold, then slowly lower and repeat. If back feels strain, tilt pelvis slightly and focus on squeezing buns rather than lifting your torso high.
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