7 Tips to Start Working Out

Starting an exercise plan to lose weight can be very exciting, whether it is a new exercise plan or your first exercise plan. It is important to be prepared before you start. Starting too fast or before you have set out a diet and exercise plan that is suited to your needs can cause an early drop out or can result in injuries.

Before you start a new plan, do the following to ensure success.

Get a Clean Bill of Health

Schedule a doctor's appointment. This is especially important if you have been inactive for a long period of time or if you are considered obese (BMI of 30 or higher). If you have not had a thorough medical check-up in the last six months, see your doctor to ensure that you are ready to start your exercise plan safely.

Be Realistic

Set goals that are attainable. One reason that people are not successful with their exercise plans is that they set goals too high. When goals are too high, you feel discouraged and many will stop exercising if they do not have reachable milestones.

Take Notes

Plan to track. Tracking your diet and exercise plans can help inspire you. When you see the progress that you have made over time you will feel encouraged and ready to take on bigger goals. You can track your progress with an exercise planner, an online planner, a diary or even an online blog.

Think Long-Term

Plan for the long road. Don't look at your exercise plan as a short term way to fit into those jeans. Look at it as a way of life.

Pick the Right Time

Pick a time that works for you. Some people are just not morning people; trying to force that morning workout in can be a road block. Find the time of day when you have a lot of energy and when you are as free from distractions.

Mix It Up

Plan for variety. Even an activity that you like can become boring if you are only doing that. Make sure your exercise plan includes variety with types of exercise and levels of intensity.

Eat for Energy

Plan to fuel your body. Your diet and exercise plan should include food that will give your body adequate fuel to maintain the exercise levels that you perform at. Make sure to include complex carbs and lean proteins and a little healthy fat to keep your body and mind satisfied.

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