5 Things to Keep in Mind for Healthy Travel

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, being on the road makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and workout routine.

I've traveled a great deal and struggled with weight gain. I found I always put on a few pounds because I was eating out constantly and not getting a workout in. When I'm home, I workout six days a week and cook most of my meals. 

My biggest challenges when traveling are:

  • Eating out
  • Finding a gym
  • Running trails
After spending the past few years traveling, I have mastered maintaining my healthy lifestyle. It does take some moderation and determination to stick to a simple plan, but staying healthy is what matters.

Here are five tips to stay healthy on your next trip:

Pack Your Sneakers

I always pack my sneakers no matter where I go. This way I can't use the excuse "I didn't pack my workout shoes." If there is a gym in your hotel or nearby-you can throw on your sneakers and get a workout in.

If there's no gym, ask the front desk if they have a running/walking trail map. Some hotels offer a running partner service. There may be an additional fee, but if you are like me and scared to run in unfamiliar areas, it might be beneficial to hire a running partner to show you the road.

Pack Dri-Fit Workout Clothing

No matter the length of your trip, pack a couple of workout outfits. Reason being, you don't waist room in your suitcase with workout clothes.

Pack dri-fit material-this way when after your workout you can wash your gym clothes in the bathroom and let them air dry. Within a few hours they are dry and ready for another intense workout. Cotton material takes a day or two to dry.

Pack a Resistance Band

Resistance bands are great to bring along! You can purchase a single band at any sports store or online for $10-$15. They're so easy to pack because they are light and take up little room in your suitcase.

Plus, you can get a full workout done in your own hotel room. You can do arms, back, chest and leg exercises very easily. Try incorporate jumping jacks, planks and sit-ups between sets for a great circuit training routine.

Have Bars and Fruit With You

As soon as you get to your destination, find a grocery store to pick up food that won't go bad in your hotel room. Purchase breakfast bars or oatmeal, so you can eat breakfast in your room instead of eating out. Get fruit, protein bars and almonds for snacks and you won't go starving throughout the day.

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