5 Kettlebell Classes to Do This Winter

5 Kettlebell Classes to Do This Winter

Kick-off the new year with a new workout. Whether you want to increase functional strength or improve your cardiovascular system, sign up for one of these five Kettlebell classes to reach your fitness resolution.

Kettlebell Training

Peosta, Iowa - January 5 - February 23, 2012

Drop fat and get lean without aerobics. Kettlebell training is designed for you to train anywhere at anytime while you develop strength and improve your cardiovascular system. Read More

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Groton, Conneticut - January 11 - March 14, 2012

Tone and trim your body with one tool—Kettlebells. Learn the basic skills you need to train safely, build better alignment, and reach your fitness goals.
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Session 1 (K-1)

Hazelwood, Missouri - Various Dates

Get ready to sweat as you build a stronger core, develop flexibility, and improve coordination. No matter your fitness level, kettlebell training will help you reach your New Year's Resolutions. Read More

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Kettlebell Bootcamp

Waxford, Pennsylvania - Various Dates

From cardio drills to Kettlebell intervals, you're bound to get a butt-kicking workout in. Achieve maximum results in a group setting with unique exercise combinations. Read More

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Cardio Kettlebells

Commerce City, Colorado - Various Dates

Take your fitness to the next level with Cardio Kettlebells. This full-body workout will help you burn fat and build muscle without the hassle of a bunch of equipment. Read More

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