5 Gear Items for Evening Workouts

Stay visible and safe on your evening workouts with these tips from SELF Fitness Director Meaghan Murphy.

Q: I work out at night. What can I do to stay visible and safe? --Sarah Swartzendruber, Milwaukee

A: For bright ideas, I went to marathon coach Andrew Kastor, from Mammoth Lakes, California, who has trained pros during many a twilight hour. His top tip: Wear reflective clothes. Thankfully, there are lots of stylish options. (No Day-Glo crossing-guard vests!) Also, let your eyes adjust to the dark for five minutes before exercising, and ditch the MP3 player to stay alert, Kastor advises.

The Speed Run Cap 5 in ViZiPro Pink is 53 percent more visible at night than plain white is. $20; Saucony.com

Hit the LED light on the sleeve of the Ethereal Jacket in ViZiPro Pink to ensure you're easy to spot. $90; Saucony.com

Be a trailblazer! Slide these beams over fingers; they???re twice as luminous as a headlamp. $40 each; Knuckle Lights.com

Each dot on these confetti-patterned Run: Around Shorts is reflective. $68; Lululemon.com

The ProGrid Guide 5 in ViZiPro Pink has reflective panels on all sides and plush cushioning. $100; Saucony.com

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