Get Fit Fast With This 10-Minute Step Workout

One of the greatest pieces of workout equipment can be found in your home: the step! A step workout is an amazing way to cross train. It allows you to work your entire body while providing killer cardio and strength-training. Curious? Lace up your sneakers, and head to the staircase. It only takes 10 minutes to improve your cardiovascular health and get toned up for summertime. Of course, you can also try these moves at the gym with a set of aerobic steps.

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1. Side Step-ups

Stand to the left of a stair, then step up with your left foot while driving your right knee up toward your chest. Lower your right foot back to the ground, and return to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Do 3 sets total. Move quickly and try to do as many step-ups as you can in 30 seconds.

Home workout move Home workout move

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2. Incline Push-ups

Get into push-up position with your hands shoulder width-apart and your back flat. However, instead of having your hands flat on the ground, place your hands on the step. By putting your push-ups on an incline, you will work different muscle groups. The lower the step, the harder it is. Need to make it easier? Put your hands on a higher step. Do 30 seconds of push-ups, taking a quick break in between, then do another 30 seconds.

Home workout move

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