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Menses and athletic performance
How Menses Affects Athletic Performance

Many people believe that performance is compromised during the first week of a woman's cycle, but that's not necessarily the case. Find out what to ex

Back exercises for women
3 Back Exercises for Women

If you're a female looking to improve your back strength, these exercises will help you get there. Support your spine and improve your alignment with

The Art of the Flip Throw

It's rare in soccer, but a player who can do a flip throw gives their team a big advantage. Here's how the flip throw works and how it can help your t

Girl stretching
Target Weak Spots With Muscle Activation

We use our upper leg muscles every day. Our glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps activate when we walk, pick up objects, straighten our legs, or even st

The Power of Pace & Heart Rate Training

What is your athletic goal? Do you want to set a marathon PR or do you want to lose 5 pounds? Have you always wanted to see what's around that next co


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