When Can I Talk About My Poop?: A Runner's Conversation Guide

Running brings people together. New running buddies can go from strangers to close friends in only a few miles.

But what exactly should you talk about on a run? How do you know what's appropriate to ask? And how long should you wait before you bring up the poop you left in the woods?

On his blog, running author Jason Robillard does his best to help you answer these questions. Below are his suggestions:

Running Buddy You Just Met

  • Weather
  • Movies you've recently watched
  • Running history: how and why you started
  • Profession
  • Kids (pets are also acceptable)

Running Buddy You've Known for Weeks

  • Educational history
  • Family history
  • Food preferences and/or diet
  • Observations about other runners you see on the trail (stay positive)
  • Favorite childhood cartoons and/or toys

Running Buddy You've Stuck With for Months

  • Political views
  • Religious views
  • Philosophy of life
  • Dreams and aspirations
  • Whether you sleep in the nude or prefer pajamas
  • Annoying co-workers

Running Buddy You've Been With for a Year

  • Details of the poop you just took in the woods (color, consistency, etc.)
  • How different sports bras and/or shorts keep your breasts or genitals from bouncing
  • Your real dreams and aspirations that you were too embarrassed to admit earlier
  • That trip to Cancun and that video on the Internet

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