What's Your Running New Year's Resolution?

Karen Janos

new year's resolution, running

I'm not the fastest runner, so time goals for me may not seem great, but well, that's where I am. 
  • Run a 25-minute 5K—this will take a lot of speed work for me, as my best 1-mile time right now is 8:30, and that was pushing it hard.
  • Complete at least three triathlons. I did my first tri this past summer.
  • Start a beginner triathlon or running club in my neighborhood.

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Caitlin Chock

new year's resolution, running

I want to make 2013 as devoid of any injuries as possible! Running keeps me sane and I know I turn into quite the beastly version of myself whenever I'm delegated to cross-training. 

I'm usually the WORST at getting in enough stretching, but I've been good as of late with doing some dynamic and static stretching after all of my runs. I'd like to continue that in 2013 and even see if this heinously inflexible runner can finally reach her toes.

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Jason Fitzgerald

new year's resolution, running

After running more mileage in 2012 than I ever have (3,100+!), my #1 goal is to break my marathon PR of 2:39:32 that I set in Philadelphia. It will require a full year of great training and dedication, so it's obviously a huge endeavor. If that doesn't work out, I'm always thrilled to help the runners that I coach reach their own goals.

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