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Road Warriors

Crazy, hostile or just absent-minded, drivers can be the biggest safety threat to road runners. A few smart precautions can keep you happy and healthy

Portion Patrol

Run to eat and eat to run; how much do you need to eat to fuel your running?

Matters of the Heart

A runner's heart is true, especially when it's used to gauge the intensity of a workout. Our intro to heart rate training will get you off and running

Sports Drinks

A little sugar, a little salt and a healthy dose of electrolytes make sports drinks an efficient way to rehydrate. Find out how they work.

Balancing the Scales

Running is one of the best weight-loss activities out there. Make it even more effective by tuning your workouts for improved fat-burning.

Uphill Battle

If the mountain won't come to the runner, the runner must go to the mountain. Use our hill-running tips to overcome your fear of hills and increase yo


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Couch to 5K®

Couch to 5K®

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