Valentine's Day: Running Through the Heart of Winter

A couple running the Bradford Valentine Road Race together in Bradford, MA.

It's time to follow your New Year's resolutions, get in shape and run off that excess holiday weight. Valentine's Day is a great time of year to set some goals and have fun while doing it.

Every February across the United States, chocolate, cards, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. This year, why not grab someone special and draw a big heart around February 14 on your race calendar.

Much of the country is cooped up indoors all winter long. A Valentine's Day Run is a great opportunity to get outside and break up the winter with a friendly event. The majority of participants are just there to have fun and enjoy running in the middle of February, while others use the opportunity to train for an upcoming event.

What makes you love running? Let us count the ways?

  • Running is good for your heart!
  • Nothing beats the runner's high
  • Medals and free T-shirts
  • The feeling you get when you cross the finish line
  • You can eat more when you know you're going to run it off later
  • Specifically, you can eat more chocolate when you know you're going to run it off
  • Many Valentine's Day races celebrate with flowers and chocolate. Yes, that's right: chocolate and running go well together.

It's V-Day. A time for both Valentines and Victory! Celebrate Valentine's Day with a friendly race near you.

Slide Show: Valentine's Day Runs

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