Camping and Tri Training This Spring

Have you tired of running the same loops in your neighborhood park and doing the same road rides around town every weekend? The time is now for spring camping throughout the U.S.; the weather is pleasant and parks are less crowded than they are in summer.

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So why not change things up a bit with this new idea: gather some triathlete friends—or find a local club—and schedule a triathlon camping and training weekend. You'll get back to Mother Nature and treat yourself to some fun in the outdoors with the focus of becoming a better athlete.??

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Find an Interesting Destination

One local triathlon club from Denver schedules a training weekend every year in Moab, Utah. With access to several National Parks, amazing scenery and warm spring weather, Moab provides a great launching point. The purpose of the weekend is to not only break the routine of training at home, but to train together in some amazing country and geek out about bikes, wetsuits and all things run/bike/swim related.

If you don't live close to a National Park, don't despair. All you need is a bike, some running shoes, a tent and access to some open water. If it's too cold at night, find an area that rents yurts.

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Many people think of tri as three different sports, but experts suggest thinking of all three disciplines as one sport—it'll change your training mentality. Incorporate this thought process into your training weekend, and get your body used to doing all three sports in one day. The benefits of a training weekend in the great outdoors will do wonders for your psyche. Here's a typical itinerary for a two-day weekend outside.

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Training Weekend Schedule


Leave work an hour or two early on Friday, get out to a wilderness area, preferably with ample drinking water and possibly a reservoir or lake for swimming. Upon arrival, set up camp and do a group trail run just to get the legs moving. That night, give the group options for training distances for the next two days.

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