Are You a Winter Runner?

For you, winter comes a sense of wonder and mystery. You observe your trails and roads in each of their seasonal changes. Winter gives your path an enchanted feel and even though you run a familiar road, you sometimes look around and feel lost.

Your trails are changing. You don't see other runners on your route. The soft patter of your footing on cold, hard ground has replaced the sound of leaves crunching under your stride. You run in silence. Your feet can feel hot while running on snow and ice. You've learned to move fast.

You hear people complaining about the weather and you sometimes feel guilty for enjoying this time of year. Seasonal changes keep you on track. Winter focuses your goals and redirects your ambitions. It forces you to plan ahead and anticipate new, exciting experiences.

Winter running makes you feel tough. You're solid. Grounded. And unlike the weather, unchanging. You're faithful and constant. You will run through heat or cold. Sun or rain. Wind or snow. It doesn't matter. You'll just run.

This year, you will toast to cold nights and foggy breath. To soft snow and to hard ground. To all the best things this season has to offer before wrapping up another year and starting it all over again—only this time a little better.

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Vanessa Rodriguez is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, an ultra-endurance athlete, and an online editor for

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