8 Mistakes to Avoid on Race Morning

The final hours before your race are finally here. Excitement has taken over and you're ready to run your heart out. You've put in 20-plus weeks of hard work and nothing is going to hold you back from performing strong. Or is it?

Many people plan their running strategy, but forget simple tasks that take place the few hours before the race. Don't let stress or forgetfulness ruin all of your hard work. Here's a list of mistakes to avoid and what to do before you step up to the start line.

Sleep In

Missing the race is the worst possible thing that can happen. Don't be the runner who oversleeps on race day. Set at least two alarms. Ask for a wake up call. Do whatever you have to do to make sure you're at the start line with plenty of time to spare. There's a good chance traffic will be a mess. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your corral.

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Plan Your Transportation, Driving Route and Parking

There are many road closures the morning of the race. Make sure to check the website to see what roads are closed, available alternate routes and how long it will take. Drive that route the week before so you're familiar. Also, take note of where you can park, if you need cash or credit and if shuttles are provided.

If you plan on getting dropped off, make sure you go over everything with your driver, set a time, and share road closure information with them. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your corral because traffic could be a mess. The more you know and plan, the less stress you'll have race-day morning.

Just Showing Up

Starting a race without a proper warm up is a bad idea. It's asking for an injury. Jog a little and do gentle dynamic stretches to get your legs loose and body temperature up.

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