2 Steps to Become a Motivated Runner

Motivation can be an elusive creature. Some days you have it and some days you can't seem find it anywhere.

Imagine what you could accomplish as a runner if you were motivated to train every day and never cut a run short because you just weren't feeling great. You would finally become a more consistent runner who completes all of their workouts.

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Consistency is what connects each workout, weeks of training, and multiple years of a running career. Without it, you'll never improve and will end up performing the same every race. Consistent training is what allows you to run a half marathon at your 10K running pace.

Consistency has the power to finally keep you injury-free, build your motivation, and allow you make running a habit.

Follow these steps to help you find motivation and keep a consistent running program.

Step 1: Don't Have Bad Workouts

If your motivation level is at an all-time high, you should do everything possible to protect it, nurture it, and make sure that you're staying at that level. A bad workout can rob even the most consistently inspired runners of their well-earned motivation. 

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If you're having a bad workout you might be tempted to abandon completely, which will make you feel like a failure. Instead of ending a run prematurely, modify the workout to suit your physical needs.

Your mental outlook is closely linked to how you run. Running at your best is much easier if you feel like your training is a success.

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