How to Beat the Cold and Flu: A Quiz

The winter months tend to be the offseason for many runners, stricken by illness. The cold and flu tend to cause your nose to run more than you do. How on earth can you overcome this tragic plight? You take my serious quiz, learn about smart choices and get back out there once your done.

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Part 1: Avoiding Sickness

1. You see a small child in the grocery store sneeze. He than plunges his hand into a bulk food bin and grabs chocolate covered rasins out. You:

a) Run for the free sanitizer wipes.
b) Secretly leave all the bulk items in your cart in random places around the store, you didn't want them anyway.
c) Run out of the store.
d) Plunge your hand into the bins, unashamed.

If you answered a, b, or c, awesome job. You will not only save yourself from the cold, but you'll also save money and get in a run (depending on your answer).

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2. You are at work and someone brought in "fruit" cake for the office. Everyone swarms the area to insure they get a piece. You:

a) Join in. It's fruit, right?
b) Run in the opposite direction. Suckers. Thats not fruit. That's false advertising.
c) Say you are allergic to bad food and go back to bouncing on your ball chair.
d) Take a piece. (Using gloves and tongs. Place it in bag and bring to lab for examination.)

If you answered b, c, or d wonderful. You again got in exercise, avoided some strange food and potential sick days (Either from food poisoning or some catching the cold.)

3. Everyone at your office is sick. You aren't sick, yet. What do you do?

a) Drink as much orange juice as you can.
b) Take a mental health day and go snowshoeing.
c) Quit. You don't want to surround yourself with all that bad mojo.
d) Buy a bubble suit and wear that to work during the winter months.

If you answered a or b, you are on the right track. If you answered c and d...well they aren't necessarily wrong, but I think they are a bit extreme.

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