8 Maintenance Mode Exercises for Triathletes

It is almost time to toe the line and test out the hard work you have done during the offseason. As race season approaches, for many of you your strength training will ultimately enter maintenance mode.

The approach you take to maintaining your strength will depend on your race goals, race distance, overall volume of training, and experience. As you modify your strength training session, there are certain components of your workouts that should not change. Continue to work on your posterior chain, hamstrings, glutes, and back. Also keep hammering away on your joint mobility. As the races approach the intensity of your riding, running, and swimming workouts will most likely increase, which only adds more stress to the body. Recovery between workouts becomes imperative, so get on the foam roller and continue to work on your hip and shoulder mobility as well.

Here is a list of exercises that are a must during race season. In general, you want the workouts relatively short and full body in nature. Two strength workouts a week, each lasting no longer than 45 minutes will help maintain your strength during racing season.

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