Two-Handed Backhand Contact Points: Part 2

I hope you've enjoyed our series on the contact points of the backhand, including tips on point of contact for both the one-handed and two-handed backhands. In our final installment we'll show you the grip combination for the Eastern forehand and backhand grip.

Grip Combination One

Top Hand – Eastern forehand
Bottom hand – Eastern backhand

Nick Bollettieri

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c.2005 Barbara Banks

With the bottom hand in an eastern backhand grip, this shot will be bottom hand dominant. The top hand will lend support throughout the shot, but the bottom hand will be the controlling factor during the stroke.

The contact point will be similar to that of a one-handed backhand with an eastern grip. It will be well out in front of the body and in most instances above waist level.

Many players using this grip will actually release the top hand during the follow through allowing the bottom hand to continue extending out to the target much like the follow through of a one-handed backhand.

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