Train With Champions at the Weil Tennis Academy

Photo courtesy of the Weil Tennis Academy.
Over the past twelve years, the Weil Tennis Academy in Ojai, California has steadily built a program focused on developing competitive players into champions.

Specializing in a full-time college preparation boarding program, Weil players develop the technical skills and mental independence to succeed in college and beyond.

It all began in 1997 when Mark Weil became the first coach to establish a full-time tennis boarding academy in Southern California. Since then, the Academy has sent 65 players into Division 1 college tennis programs like USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, Illinois, Notre Dame, Alabama, Brown and Cal-Berkeley, with over 90 percent of the players receiving college scholarships.

"Whether you want to be a Division 1 college scholarship player, an ITF champion or a top-ranked pro player, Weil Tennis Academy has the coaching, the Southern California location and the individual program for you to achieve all of your dreams," says Weil tennis director and founder, Mark Weil.

Accepting only 40 to 50 players each year into the full-time program, Weil prefers to remain small and selective. This allows the Academy staff to focus its energy and resources on improving a player's abilities both on the court and in the classroom.

To maximize each player's development, the Academy designs a personalized tournament schedule. Besides playing the Southern California Junior Tournament schedule, the toughest in the country with over 165 open tournaments a year, Weil students play a variety of ITF tournaments, men's and women's professional satellites and futures, as well as the U.S. Junior Super Nationals. A Weil coach also travels with the players to every tournament.

"Weil provides their students the tools to be successful, but players are responsible for their own success," says Weil.

A Typical Day at the Academy

The boarding program at Weil resembles a college schedule for tennis players: academic classes until noon, then practice and conditioning. Players continue their day with instructional tennis lessons in the afternoon, homework and night classes a couple times a week. Then it's quiet time and lights-out by 10 pm.

Weil's goal is for their students to be successful not only in tennis, but also in academic studies (students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to stay at the academy) and in managing their time wisely to enjoy and be successful in the college environment.

"We prepare our students for independence, and teach them to be good decision makers on and off the court," says Weil. "It's the subtle differences that make a big difference in their success in college."

Weil consistently has young pros and top national and international players training at the academy year round. Their high performance training program attracts players from around the world who want to train with other motivated players.

On a recent afternoon, ATP pro Travis Rettenmaier and WTA pro Vera Zvonareva were on hand at the academy preparing for the upcoming season.

Weil's Report Card

Since 1997 Weil has achieved:

200 + Players in Division 1 Tennis Programs on Scholarship
8 NCAA All Americans
5 NCAA Team Champions
1 NCAA Individual Champion
Over 150 National & International Champions
2 Orange Bowl Champions
5 Eddie Herr Champions
2 French Open Jr. Champion
1 US Open Jr. Champion
30+ Professional Champions
Over 500 Tournament Champions at all levels

The results of the Weil Tennis Academy's tennis program are quite impressive--professional, national and international champions in every age division.

But you don't have to be the best player in the country to train at Weil. Their focus on individual player development includes players from all levels; the prerequisite for which is a strong desire to take your game to the next level.

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