Prince Launches New EXO3 Technology for 2011

Continuing to help all players, at every level, take their game to a higher level, the new Prince EXO3 Tour family will make its debut at fine tennis retail establishments nationwide starting January 17.

Three EXO3 Tour models (EXO3 Tour 100 (16x18 string pattern), EXO3 Tour 100 (18x20 string pattern) and EXO3 Tour Lite 100) designed for more advanced players with faster swing speeds will accompany newly upgraded versions of the EXO3 Silver 115, EXO3 Blue 110, and EXO3 Red 105 models. All six new EXO3 racquets will feature distinct, visible ThermoCarbon String Suspension Inserts for enhanced feel and join the top-selling EXO3 Black, EXO3 White and EXO3 Rebel to complete the full 2011 performance racquet collection.

What is Prince EXO3 Technology?

EXO3 is a high-tech, patented racquet design utilizing large holes and String Suspension Inserts to deliver a superior, effective hitting area compared to competitor racquets with the same headsize.

How Does Prince EXO3 Technology Work?

Strings are completely liberated from restrictive, response-strangling grommets, allowing the strings to respond more freely – even at the outer edges of the string plane for balls hit off-center.

What Does Prince EXO3 Technology Provide the Player?

A larger, more consistent hitting area – at ANY head size – giving players at all levels the advantage of hitting better shots, more often. Now, even shots hit off center will feel and respond more as though they were hit in the center of the string bed.

According to legendary tennis coach, and cultivator of ten world number one players, Nick Bollettieri, "If players have not yet taken the opportunity to spend quality time with an EXO3 frame, they need to do so immediately. This racquet design change is, without question, one of the most significant and important in modern tennis.

High-speed video shows that beginner and intermediate players are not the only ones who hit balls off center. Pro athletes today compete at such an incredibly high pace, along the tightest of margins with very little reaction time - so nearly every ball they strike makes contact outside of the direct center string bed.

By eliminating the restrictive grommets that limit string response and re-engineering them with modern technology that enables the strings to respond better – even out to the edge of the frame on balls players hit at full stretch or have less time to react to – this allows players, at every level, to hit better shots, more consistently."

2011 Enhancements & ThermoCarbon Technology:

All six new racquets for 2011, including the new EXO3 Tour models, will feature an enhanced, second generation String Suspension Insert comprised of an industry-first material called ThermoCarbon. This advanced material combines the vibration dampening benefits of thermoplastic with the responsiveness of carbon fiber through an innovative injection molding process. The result is an unparalleled feel and playability.

In addition to the new ThermoCarbon String Suspension Inserts, the EXO3 Silver, EXO3 Blue and EXO3 Red feature additional playability enhancements. All three models have a new cross section to add torsional stability for more power and improved accuracy. And, all three models will now feature Prince's proven integrated Double BridgeTM (DB) dampening system to improve shock reduction and reduce string vibration for added comfort – a benefit appreciated by players using these lighter and more powerful models.

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