World Class Workouts Help You Train Like the Pros!

Ever wanted to go along with a top athlete on one of their workouts? Now's your chance!

In the World Class Workouts series, Active swim columnist Alex Kostich shares and analyzes workouts from guest athletes, so you can try them on your own!

The series, which Alex designed as a complement to his Fitness Makeover column, will give readers challenging and specific sample workouts.

Each month, a reputable guest athlete is invited to share their favorite challenge. The rest of the work will be done by you, the athlete, if you choose to accept the recommended workout and try it on your own.

Alex will take each sample workout suggested by that month's guest and analyze/explain it in detail, and offer suggestions for how you can modify it to your current abilities.

The goal, of course, is to make the column accessible to everyone while making it broad enough for athletes of all levels to challenge themselves and make strides toward self-improvement.

The workouts come from star swimmers, triathletes, Olympic coaches and renowned fitness gurus, so even the most seasoned athlete can expect some challenges and pulse-quickening surprises.

You can try these workouts once a month, or once a week, or you can file them away in your workout logs and rely on them when you're out of ideas and/or feeling burnt out. Regardless, have fun with them and prepare to get better with a blueprint from the worlds best!

World Class Workouts topics:

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?Adapt a distance diva's workout for your open-water goals

?Lifeguard shares session to hone speed, pacing

?Try the "Grand Prix" with Olympian Cristina Teuscher

?Practice swim-run transitions

?Go 8,000 meters with South African star Ryk Neethling

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