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When and how to hydrate for a run
When and How to Hydrate for a Run

Proper hydration before, during and after a run is imperative to meeting your goals. Follow these simple steps to stay hydrated and perform at your pe

Natural alternatives to energy drinks
10 Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Many of us fuel our frenzied lifestyles with products that promise instant energy. The problem? They're not good for you. Next time you need a boost,

Fruitcake recipe for athletes
Fruitcake Recipe for Athletes

Storebought fruitcake gets a bad rap. Homemade fruitcake, on the other hand, can be a nutrientdense food for endurance athletes. Use this recipe to

Train your digestive system
10 Tips to Train Your Digestive System

From sloshy stomach to acid reflux, some of the worst side effects of running are related to the gastrointestinal system. Get your gut in shape with t

Rosemary honey lemonade recipe
Rosemary-Honey Lemonade Recipe

Sorry, sugar, you weren't invited to this potable party. There's a new honey in town, and she's sweetening up a potentially sour situation.


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