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Eat Like a Champion

To run your best, you need to eat differently than the rest of the population. Elite coach Chris Carmichael explains what should be on your plate.

The New Rules of Hydration

In recent years new research has challenged some commonly held beliefs about when and what we should drink during workouts.

Fruitcake recipe for athletes
Fruitcake Recipe for Athletes

Storebought fruitcake gets a bad rap. Homemade fruitcake, on the other hand, can be a nutrientdense food for endurance athletes. Use this recipe to

10 foods to fuel a 5k 460
10 Foods to Fuel a 5K

Preparing for your next 5K isn't just about lacing up and logging miles. These 10 foods can help you set the stage for a personal record on race day.

10 of the worst holiday foods
10 of the Worst Holiday Party Foods

Fatty, calorieladen foods such as spinach dip and creamed soup are abundant this time of year. Keep this list handy so you don't overindulge and blow


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