The Diet Detective: What's your "Dieting Trap?"

1. I eat the most junk food when:
A. I'm watching TV or at the computer.
B. I haven't eaten enough earlier in the day.
C. I'm out, or at a party.
D. I'm stressed out or alone.
2. I can't resist:
A. A bag of chips.
B. A large fast-food burger on the run.
C. A bucket of movie popcorn.
D. Chocolate or bowl of ice cream.
3. The first thing I usually do after work or at the end of the day is:
A. Watch TV or go online.
B. Eat dinner--I work late.
C. Socialize.
D. Try to relax--I have very stress-filled days.
4. My friends would describe me as:
A. Scattered, but focused.
B. A go-getter. I'm always juggling a million things.
C. A social butterfly. I'm always with my friends.
D. A drama queen or king. I stress out a lot.
5. At work I typically:
A. Snack while answering e-mails or talking on the phone.
B. Skip lunch (no time).
C. Am the first one to indulge when someone brings in food.
D. Eat at my desk -- it relaxes me.

Scoring: Click to the next page to see which Diet Traps you're dealing with, so you can learn how to zap the trap.  

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