10 Reasons Why Sugar Is So Bad for You

It's no secret that Americans love sugar.

On average, we consume 94 grams of sugar per day—that's more than triple the World Health Organization's recommended amount of 25 grams.

When our morning coffee drink of choice immediately bumps us over our recommended sugar allowance (a grande PSL has a whopping 50 grams of sugar!), it's easy to see how quickly it all adds up.

Over 80% of grocery shelve items now have added sugar, and food manufacturers have gotten incredibly good at disguising it in the ingredient list by using terms like "evaporated cane juice," "fructose" or "tapioca syrup."

For those of us who are active, you may be tempted to think your sugar intake doesn't matter as much. After all, if the furnace is hot enough, anything burns, right? Think again.

No matter your activity level, too much sugar can wreak havoc on the body and mind in 10 major ways.

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