The Diet Detective: Lose Weight for Your Big Event

People are constantly asking me what they should eat. They have a wedding (or reunion, trip, party, etc.) in three months. They have to lose weight, and fast. Can it be done?

Yes, you can lose weight fast enough to make a significant difference in how you look. Granted this is not the healthiest way to lose weight, but if you stick to the plan, you will more than likely be fit and healthy in time for your event.

I'm giving you this information with hesitation, because it's not a diet you should follow forever, and you will probably gain the weight back (mostly because it's too hard to stick to).

Finally, I have to add this disclaimer: You must see a physician before starting any weight loss program, even one you read about online or in a newspaper—including this diet. The following is only for those who have a medical doctor's approval. Once you've been cleared, simply follow these steps and you will shed pounds fast.

Step 1: Toss Out Every Last Bit Of Junk Food From Your House

Anything that is even questionable. Gone. Don't take no for an answer from any member of your family.  Just do it. This is not about being "PC."  It's about getting the job done—end of story.

Step 2: Eat Egg White Vegetable Omelets

Every morning, without fail, you need to eat a four- to eight-egg vegetable egg white omelet. Prepare the pan with cooking spray. Chop up anything you like—peppers, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, tomatoes— and toss them in the center of the omelet. Then fold the eggs over the veggies and cook briefly on both sides.

Get creative and try new combinations to keep things interesting.­ For instance, try mixing salsa and avocado into your eggs for a change.

Step 3: Eat Lots Of Non-Starchy Vegetables

Just when you think you've eaten enough broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peppers, asparagus, etc. ... eat more. You need to eat at least three to four cups at every meal. The vegetables should be prepared with some sort of oil spray, pepper, sea salt, herbs and fresh garlic if you like it. Avoid using any oil or butter.  

Try grilling your vegetables. If you're not sure how to make vegetables taste great, learn. Experiment by read cooking blogs. Here is one from Eating Well Magazine called How to Cook 20 Vegetables.

Step 4: Eat Clean and Lean Protein with Your Vegetables for Lunch and Dinner

Clean means no oil, butter, cream or anything but seasoning. Lean means no fat. So, for every meal you should eat a reasonable amount of protein that's low in fat (e.g., fish, egg whites, skinless chicken and turkey breast, and beans).

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