Scream for Ice Cream: Healthy Tips for Summer Treats

Go ahead, indulge in one of summer's great pleasures. These options—at home or on the go—keep portions at around 400 calories, so you can enjoy your favorite warm-weather treat and still keep your healthy diet on track.

FROM The Ice Cream Truck

CHOOSE the 8 oz Good Humor Vanilla Chocolate Giant King cone with chocolate and crushed peanuts (390 calories).

OR mix and match a 6 oz Neapolitan ice cream sandwich (250 calories) and a Creamsicle bar (100 calories).

TIP: At less than 100 calories, ice pops are a perfect guilt-free splurge to soothe a craving after a small meal. Total: 350 to 390 calories

FROM Your Freezer

FILL a bowl with two tennis ball-size scoops of light vanilla ice cream (200 calories).

ADD 2 Tbsp chocolate syrup (105 calories) and 2 Tbsp chopped walnuts (100 calories).

OR add 1 c sliced strawberries (50 calories), 2 Tbsp each chopped walnuts (100 calories) and canned whipped cream (20 calories), and 2 tsp mini chocolate chips (30 calories).

TIP: Craving extra crunch? Swap the whipped cream for a wafer cone (20 calories). Total: 400 to 405 calories

FROM THE Soft-Serve Shop

ORDER a medium (7 oz) vanilla cone with sprinkles (400 calories).

OR get a McDonald's sundae topped with strawberries, caramel, or hot fudge (up to 340 calories).

TIP: Avoid chocolate or hard shell coatings; they add at least 100 calories. Total: 340 to 400 calories

AT A Mix-In Place

ASK for a medium scoop of frozen yogurt (230 calories) with 2 Tbsp candy mix-in (up to 190 calories for 2 Tbsp chopped peanut butter cups).

OR have it in a waffle bowl (160 calories) with 2 Tbsp blueberries (30 calories).

TIP: Skip super premium ice cream—? cup has more than 300 calories. Total: 420 calories

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