Maintain Your Health and Fitness This Holiday Season

Holiday season is back! Time for cookies, cakes, cocktails and extra calories!

Food tends to be the foundation of celebration during the holiday season. How can we possibly munch on treats and still maintain the way we look and feel while staying healthy? No one should have to deprive themselves, but having a little self restraint during the holiday season may help you stay ahead of the game. Here's your guide on how to pilot the party scene.

Before the Party

Begin each day with a breakfast rich in protein and fiber and be mindful of your caloric intake throughout the rest of the day. Before the party, snack on appetite-satisfying proteins like almonds, grilled chicken and string cheese. Filling up before you step foot in the door will prevent overindulging once you're inside.

Strategize and plan exactly what you will eat and drink beforehand. Limit high-fat foods, cream soups, dressings, red meats and baked goods.

Party Time!

At the party, taste--do not devour. Nosh on low-calorie fruit, veggies, hummus, whole grain crackers and nuts.

Hors D'oeuvres are not meals! Nourish your body with the proper combination of lean protein, high-fiber carbohydrate and omega-3 fats, don't forget to include two servings of fruits and vegetables during the evening. Fill half your plate with vegetables, one quarter with lean meat and the rest with a high fiber starch. Chew slowly, sip slowly, and enjoy the music, laughter and experiences. Most importantly: recognize when you are full.

Don't feel as though you have to say yes to everyone that offers you food and drink. If you are not hungry, then simply say so. Do not let yourself be coaxed into eating or drinking something that you really don't want to.

Mingle. Share your plate of food. If you stand near the snack table all night you may mindlessly end up eating more that you would like. If you take to much food, offer these extras to the family and friends around you. Engaging in the characteristics of food may open up a whole new world of conversation.

Beverages can hold added calories, always survey your options. Drink water or flavored water (without artificial sweeteners added), spritzers, all natural juices, herbal teas, decaf coffee and warm apple cider. Enjoy the friends, family members, conversations and memories around you.

When choosing alcohol, remember that it can dehydrate your body.  Instead of beer, cider, egg nog, Bailey's or Kahlua, try lower calorie dry wines, wine spritzer's, virgin Bloody Mary's, or a splash of spirits with tonic or seltzer.

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