Healthy Comfort-Food Recipes to Fuel Training Days

When you're training hard for your next endurance event or you've stepped up your fitness routine in an effort to lose a few pounds, you want something more substantial to eat than a salad. To reach and then maintain a lean, high-performance physique, you need to feed your body high-quality foods that aren't adorned with excessive unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar. The following recipes not only fulfill your nutritional requirements, but they also deliver when it comes to flavor. Unlike cold dishes made mostly with raw fruits and vegetables (think salads and smoothies) that can also leave you reaching for a snack an hour or two later, these warm, comforting recipes satisfy.

Try to plan ahead and either have all of the ingredients on hand at home to whip up one of these satisfying dishes after work, or make a few of these recipes when you have more time on the weekends so you can healthy lunches to fuel your workouts all week long.

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