Health and Nutrition Resources for Athletes

The Internet offers an amazing array of sports nutrition resources—but with so much conflicting information, it's easy to get confused. Many runners complain about information overload; they're not sure which websites or sources to rely on for reputable advice. No wonder: if you Google "credible sports nutrition information," you'll find over four million links.

If you're like most runners, you mainly want to know what and when to eat to perform your best. Here's a list of websites, books and key resources to help you fuel wisely, eat healthy, and boost your performance.


Some excellent Internet resources include:

Both PowerBar and The Gatorade Sports Science Institute offer excellent sports nutrition articles written by leading sports scientists.

The Australian Institute for Sport has sports nutrition fact sheets as well as information on supplements and body size/shape.

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More Resources

  • this is a great resource for parents with young athletes)
  • World's Healthiest Foods: this site is packed with information about healthy eating and cooking)
  • National Eating Disorders: offers extensive resources for people who struggle with food, weight and body image issues, and also provides support for loved ones)

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