6 Antioxidants for Your Summer Beauty Routine

A diet full of antioxidant-rich foods helps ward off certain cancers, right? That's not all: antioxidants also support your beauty routine, providing benefits such as scar treatment and anti-inflammation, which you can take advantage of as you spend more time in the sun.

What's more, many of your favorite healthy foods, like almonds, berries and sunflower seeds can provide these beauty benefits that you don't want to miss this summer.

Discover a few more antioxidant rich foods and see how well they treat your skin.

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1. Skin Firming

Antioxidants reduce the signs of aging by preserving the texture of your skin. Often found in eye-creams, Coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10, is a common skin-firming antioxidant.

Found in: organic meats, soy oil, and peanuts

2. Skin Damage Correction

Too much time in the sun damages skin cells, which leads to blotchy, dried out skin. Antioxidants stimulate blood flow in the skin, which can help generate cell growth, a critical aspect of a healthy beauty routine.

Found in: all types of berries

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3. Anti-Inflammation

Antioxidants found in tea are anti-inflammatory and increase circulation and cell metabolism. Shana Skinny Tea offers Skinny Tea Healthy, which supports your immune system and reduces skin inflammation, leading to even skin tone and acne prevention.

Found in: salmon, almonds and garlic

4. Scar Treatment

Scar tissue has a different cell structure than that of healthy skin, which makes it rigid. A variety of antioxidants increase blood flow to scar tissue, which can minimize the look of the scar and help blend in the development of new skin. These treatments are often available as gels or patches and are applied directly to the skin.

Found in: aloe and onion extract

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5. Wrinkles

A decrease in free radicals—thanks to antioxidants—helps your skin stay smooth after sun damage. Why? Antioxidants help clear cell damage on the skin and repair wrinkles.

Found in: red bell pepper and grape seed oil

6. Skin Moisture

Almonds, full of vitamin E, are one of the most important antioxidants for skin. Applying vitamin E-enriched almond milk lotions and creams to your skin every day before sun exposure helps minimize skin damage.

Found in: tofu, sunflower seeds and avocado

Recipe: Ginger-Curry Roasted Tofu

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