5 Ways to Watch Your Weight During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving behind, Christmas and New Year's are the next calorie spiked minefields. Whether it's avoiding a "small piece" of every dessert, or celebrating with a little bubbly, you can enjoy yourself without adding extra calories.

It's important to enjoy this time of year. After all, family and friends go to great lengths to celebrate with one another. Savor the laughter, the smells, and tastes of the holidays while making smart choices, and you will be able to watch your weight while savoring the spirit of the season.

Spice Up Your Life Naturally

Homemade meals generally have less salt and calories than processed foods. Add fresh herbs and spices to enhances flavor, stimulate circulation and aid in digestion. Warm up by adding ground ginger or cinnamon to breakfast smoothies, roasted peaches and winter squash soups.

Savor The Flavor

A recent study from New Zealand's University of Otago reveals that the average weight difference between women who eat slowly, and those who wolf down their food is 4 pounds.

Make Calories Count

Lean proteins such as turkey, beans, nuts and seeds have staying power. Vegetables are filling because they're packed with fiber and water. This year, set out a platter of roasted beets, broccoli, fennel, green beans, carrots and zucchini, and watch it disappear.

Reach Out

The more involved you are in conversation, the less you will eat. And hopefully, you'll laugh also. Waiting 10 minutes before filling up on seconds may cause you forget about that return trip all together.

Guilt-Free Toast

Instead of calorie-laden alcohol, try sparkling water with a splash of fresh juice, such as lemon, orange, pomegranate or cranberry for a guilt-free midnight toast.

The holidays are about enjoying each other, as well as comforting, home cooked meals. Follow these tips, and you'll enjoy this time of year without adding extra calories.

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