A Yoga Workout for Your Happiness


1. Use a chair and place left hand or elbow on its seat for support, right arm reaching toward ceiling. You won't have to work as hard to hold the pose, making it easier to unwind.

2. Bend knees only slightly and bring palms together, hands by chest, which may help you reflect while in this position.

3. Take a break after 5 breaths: Bend at hips and lift butt toward ceiling. Breathe easily a couple of times and return to plank. Minibreaks lower the intensity.

1. Sit back in chair with legs apart and bent, feet flat on floor. Lean forward, bring chest to thighs, and let head and arms hang. Close eyes and breathe more slowly.

2. Rest toes on floor and wrap hands around thighs to make it easier.

3. Place a block at small of back to keep pelvis lifted. Not having to use your abs or legs for support is automatically restful.
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