5 Tasty Diet Soda Alternatives

We often joke that drinking a diet soda cancels out our French fries. But are diet sodas really the best choice for us? As with most things in life, health professionals remind us that moderation is key.

Here are five healthy, tasty and low-calorie alternatives to help you quench your thirst naturally:

Cool Water

Remaining hydrated is critical for our survival, and drinking water is the most effective way to do it. Water is refreshing, thirst quenching, available almost everywhere and easily portable. If you favor flavored waters, check labels to make sure they're low-sugar or sugar-free.

Make Your Own

Create your own flavored waters by freezing small chunks of fruit in ice trays or freezer-safe containers then add them to your glass of water. You'll have a colorful and delightful homemade healthy drink.

Be Juicy

What could be more refreshing than fresh-squeezed orange juice? With juice bars and raw foods restaurants all over the country, you can easily enjoy tasty juice blends such as orange, apple and carrot. If you juice at home, add a splash of seltzer water for fizz and fun.

Spot of Tea

If you like variety, try teas on for size. From fruity flavors to herbal blends, there are thousands of flavors of tea, and many provide additional health benefits. For extra energy, try black or green teas that are caffeinated; and white tea to a lesser extent.

Milk It

Milk is a healthy alternative to diet drinks. Low-fat milk or soy, rice, almond or hemp milks are satisfying beverages. Want something sweeter? Try vanilla flavored milks—most are sweetened with natural cane juice.

Enjoy diet drinks as treats, but expand your horizons to include natural drinks that are tasty and healthy for you. 

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