4 Strategies to Shrink Your Waistline

3: How Does the Weight Serve me?

Coaching:  For some people, they may divulge, being overweight makes them less attractive so they don't have to deal with their fear. Some may say, it's a natural process of aging, and it becomes their excuse not be more active.

It is an answer unique to you. I encourage to be real with yourself. Open up to the learning experience. Answer the question from your heart and soul.

4: When can I Move on, and Fully Commit to Action?

Coaching: Give yourself a definitive answer. A specific date, or after you confront a specific emotion, person or situation in your life. Decide to recognize excuses for what they are, and deem yourself worthy.

These questions are not easy to answer. You may need to spend a few days or even week's journaling. It is a process. Once you know your answers, you can move on to reconciling the real issues.
Knowing why you sabotage yourself is much more powerful than depending on your willpower to overcome an emergency moment.

Stay clear of frivolous attempts that your desperation steers you towards. Falling for weight loss marketing to lose 15 pounds in 20 days is not the way; merely a distraction from the truth. Trust that your 'best body' will be revealed as you courageously connect your mind-body-and-spirit.

If you are weathering the weight loss journey alone, or choosing a program or medical alternative, do not escape the opportunity to understand the root of your struggle. There is no quick fix. It is about you.

Every effort you put in to the self-realization process will come with great reward. That part of your journey cannot be bought or surgically manipulated. It is your piece to the puzzle that only you can contribute.

Continuing to read expert tips and information on nutrition and exercise is important to your success. It is education that will advance you to your goals, exponentially once your personal accountability has been determined.

Dare to bare the truth my friend, be brave. Go ahead...reveal your fit body.

De'Anna Nunez, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, NLP Mental Coach and Marathoner. Founder of the Mind Body Fit Club Program, A Weight Loss Journey with Girlfriends.

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