5 Tips to Walk Your Dog Safely in the Cold

Let someone know where you are walking. If you are walking and darkness is approaching, then carry a headlamp so your hands can be free to handle the leash or your dog.


Your dog loves to be with you whenever possible but, weather can be damp or cold, which makes walking outside a challenge. A dog like a Labrador Retriever is much better suited to cold climates than a smooth coated dog such as a Dalmatian. The Labrador's thick coat (which is designed for hunting in the wet marshes) will allow them to keep warm and stay dry.

Purchase an insulated coat designed to assist dogs that do not have thick coats to stay warmer during the colder months. Dog boots will also help to keep their paws protected from salt and other irritants on the frozen or wet ground. Always watch your dog's ears, groin area, and any exposed skin for frostbite. If you are unsure of what to look for, talk to your veterinarian.

Head out with your walking buddy for some long walks and remember to stay safe.

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Terry Downs is the owner of Pink Dogs, offering lifestyle seminars, publications, and a network of other women with similar goals. Pink Dogs works to inspire, empower, and educate on how to stay safe when out with your dog. She lives in Kelowna, British Columbia and walks every day with her trio of Labrador Retrievers. Visit www.pinkdogs.ca to learn how to be healthy and safe with your dog.
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