5 Tips for Injury-Free Endurance Training

Strengthen and Stretch Your Feet

Your feet are the most important body part when it comes to running and the common maladies of Plantar Fasciitis and a pulled IT band often start here. To remain injury-free, your feet must not only be strong, but flexible.

If you don't live near a beach or lake with sand, and you're not into the barefoot running shoes, then for ten minutes a day, sit with your bare or socked feet on a towel, repeatedly squeeze and try to pick it up with your toes.

To stretch your feet after this exercise and every run, sit on your heels with your knees on the floor and your toes curled under for as long as you can stand it. This yoga pose (called "Hero's Pose"), stretches the bottom of your feet and is the single best way to prevent plantar fasciitis.

It will be painful at first, but eventually you'll be able to get through an entire 30 minute television program.  

Replace One Short Run With a Stair Workout

Running stairs is a great cardio workout and training tool because you're still running, but the motion is different than if you were on a flat road. It strengthens your core, all of the major and minor muscle groups in your legs, and helps with stability.

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