10 Tips to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Last Forever

5. Equip Your New Program

Do you need an iPod, supplements, socks, weight lifting gloves or a baby sitter? There will be plenty of obstacles along the way to maintain healthy eating habits and fitness routines. Don't allow the little things, like a yoga mat or stop watch, hinder your goal. Set yourself up for success and be prepared.

6. Grab a Friend

Unless you prefer to work out alone, grab a workout partner who will help you stay on track. Pick someone who you believe is like minded and just as dedicated as you.

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7. Write Down Your Goals

Write out a simple goal like, "I will work out twice a week". A simple goal like this will help you stick to your initial goal that you will workout twice a week. Then write out your goal with more detail, "I will exercise three major muscle groups each week". This breaks down your simple goal in more detail. It's a schedule for your goals.

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8. Understand That There Will Be Bumps in the Road

Whether it's work, travel, injury, insomnia, divorce or any other life-altering events, life is going to happen to you.  This is absolute. This will cause either a pause in your program or a cancellation. Choose pause. Get back into your routine as soon as you can. Fitness is for life, so saddle up for the long ride.

9. Don't Compare Your Goals

Don't think your goal is wrong, or that you're doing your resolution wrong because of how someone else is doing theirs. Comparison will derail your goal. Do your own research and do your program confidently...and on your terms.

10. Decide Right Now to Not Give Up

Make your goal as concrete as your resolve to wake up every day. In that there is no negotiation.

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