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Eating right not only helps you feel and look good, but it also provides energy to carry you through any challenging race, training or work day. From sports nutrition to healthy recipes, fuel your body with the right nutrients to stay in top shape, and perform your best.

Nutrition Articles & Advice

How Does Exercise Affect Your Heart?
By Erica L. Robinson

We all know that exercise is good for heart health, but do you know how your heart physically changes to adapt to your workouts? Learn about your hear

How to Test Race-Day Fuel
By Jessica Sanders

Don't test race-day food the morning of. Figure out what your body does and doesn't like in the weeks leading up the event.

Common Food Cravings and What They Mean
By the editors of Women's Health

From fries to sweet chocolate, whatever you're longing for may be your body's way of saying you're missing nutrients in your diet. Here's how to decod