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10K Race Recovery: The First 3 Hours

Don't dive into a cheesy slice of pizza or can of soda when you cross the finish line. Here's a race recovery guide for the first 3 hours after finish

Sports Nutrition Guidelines: Old vs. New

You may have heard some of these guidelines, but is it still the best advice to follow? Get the facts on sports nutrition and proper fueling.

Powerhouse Pre-Training Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is the answer to all your pre-race nutritional woes. It's nutrient-packed, easy to digest, low-risk for stomach issues, easily customiza

5 Healthy On-the-Go Snacks

Snacks should be nutritious and filling yet they should only contain around 200 calories. Pack one or two of these healthy mini-meals in your bag to c

How to Fuel During a Run

Fueling during a run can be a challenge. Where do you store the food? How often should you eat? What should you eat? Active expert Matt Fitzgerald bre


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