A Healthy, Quick Breakfast With a Little Spice

What's your typical go-to breakfast meal? Do you opt for oatmeal, yogurt or a smoothie? These are all fine, healthy options for the morning, especially Greek yogurt which contains complex carbs and plenty of protein to give you lasting energy the rest of the day, but sometimes you just need to give your taste buds a little more adventure.

So when you need a little more kick from your breakfast, try this variation for a great morning meal that contains carbs, fiber, protein, omega 3's and a little more variety on your plate.

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Sunny Side Up Over Texas and Mexico

  • Toast one slice of whole wheat bread
  • Spread half of an avocado (instead of butter) on the nutrient-rich bread
  • Top with an egg cooked over-easy or over medium
  • Spice it up by mixing siracha into the avocado and adding hot sauce like, Tapatio, over the protein-packed egg
  • Cut up your favorite fruit as a side (4 fiber-filled strawberries are a great sweet addition)

Weekend/Brunch Version

  • Scoop about a ? cup of black refried beans on your plate
  • Place half an avocado on top (sliced or whole, your choice)
  • Top the avocado with your over-easy egg
  • Garnish with your favorite hot sauces
  • Eat as-is or scoop onto a whole-wheat tortilla for a fresh breakfast taco
  • Add more variety and texture by cooking veggies (grab your leftovers from the night before like squash, zucchini or Brussels sprouts, and add them to the morning mix)

There is something about avocado and a little heat that makes life a little bit better.

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