3 Healthy Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

This March, celebrate National Nutrition Month in a way that will boost your health, well-being, and fitness. Here are three suggestions that will keep you informed and help you develop healthy habits.

1. Read ingredients.

For everything you buy this month, take a look at the ingredients. This is often more eye-opening than reading a nutrition label. The higher up a certain ingredient is, the more of it is in that product. Read the entire list even if you don't understand it. Chances are you will see common ingredients coming up time after time.

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The harder the ingredients are for you to recognize, the more processed and unhealthy the product. This habit alone will boost your awareness as far as what you're putting in your mouth, and is sure to shape the choices you make. If you really want to eat healthy, opt for foods with no ingredients at all—fresh fruits, veggies, and produce.

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2. Bring your lunch to work.

This is easier than it sounds. All it takes is some planning ahead, and forming a new habit. Try preparing your lunch the night before, so you're not rushed in the morning to throw something together.

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Take some leftovers, or use fresh ingredients to make a healthy salad with lean protein. Not only is this better for you than a store-bought lunch or a fast food trip, but it's also much cheaper and can save you some hard-earned cash this month.

3. Eat mindfully.

Get up a few minutes earlier and set apart some time to eat breakfast. Take a lunch break and focus on finishing your meal in a stress-free environment. Turn off the TV to eat your dinner without the extra stimulation. Take the time to recognize, appreciate your food, and give thanks for it.

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Eating mindfully involves being aware of everything you are putting in your mouth. Instead of snacking endlessly, learn to appreciate every bite and make a mental connection with what you're eating. This will teach you to eat slower, reduce your calorie intake, and actually savor your meals.

Once you've established these habits, don't lose them. Make them part of your everyday lifestyle for the rest of the year.

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