10 Tips to Eat Like a Pro Athlete

In order for professional athletes to train in their rigorous training programs, they need to fuel their bodies. And their lean bodies definitely show that they are in great shape. If you want to know the secret to a great diet that will keep you healthy and lean then keep reading for tips on the do's and don'ts of a champion-inspired diet.

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Don't Skip Breakfast

You've heard it before and it bears repeating. Eating breakfast prepares you for the day. People who don't eat breakfast tend to eat more during the day to compensate. Avoid that with a light breakfast that consists of protein, whole grain and fruit.

If you're not a heavy eater in the morning, don't fret. You don't have to sit down to a full meal of pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon and coffee. You can begin getting your body used to eating breakfast by starting with orange juice. Then move up to orange juice and toast or a hard-boiled egg. By adding some substance to your morning routine, you're breaking your fast, stabilizing your blood sugar and starting your day off right.

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Stay Hydrated

It's so easy to overeat when you're dehydrated. When you're training throughout the week, don't just hydrate during your workouts. Drink water throughout the day to keep you hydrated so after your workouts it's pretty easy to replace what you've lost.

A great tip is to remember to stay consistent. If you drink water throughout the day, don't switch to the sugar-loaded energy drinks during your workout. While some of those drinks can help replace electrolytes, they also can be saturated with sugar. An effective compromise is diluting a Gatorade with about 1/2 to 2/3 of water. You'll stay hydrated and replace electrolytes too.

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Eat Like a Champ

If you want to be the best, then you have to fuel your body with the best foods. Fast food, fried food, beer and other junk foods are terrible for your body. In order to build your body you will want to forgo the junk for more favorable replacements. Load up on fruits and vegetables. Be sure to make your own snack sized vegetable and fruit bags to take on the go. Also, Greek yogurt is food high in probiotics and can help your digestive system.

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