Core Training

Whether you're new to strength training or looking for a fresh challenge, these tips and tricks offer balance challenges, agility work, high-intensity intervals, weight-lifting routines and more. No matter what you want to achieve, use this guide to help reach your fitness goal.

Fitness Articles & Advice

6 Mat Pilates Classes During January
By Fara Rosenzweig

Kick start the new year with a Pilates class. Drop any holiday weight, flatten your abs, build strong muscles and make 2012 a healthier year with thes

What is Body Composition?

Obsessed with the number on your bathroom scale? Turns out that your individual body composition is much more crucial to your overall health, than a r

9 Ways to Avoid the Winter Slump
By Gale Bernhardt

Cold temperatures and short days can put a damper on an athlete's motivation to exercise outdoors. Here are eight tips to help you stay on track.

Jump Into Fitness
By Loren Hallett

Throw a jump rope in your purse and jump into fitness to burn a few extra calories.