USA swimmer attributes success to latest sports drink

Jason Lezak is one of a few USA swimmers who endorse Ultima Replenisher  Credit: Doug Pensinger/Allsport
Ultima Replenisher is one of the newest sports drinks to hit the market. Founded in 1992, ULTIMA is a leading edge innovator of high-performance sports nutrition products for serious athletes.

Ultima fluid replenishment products are formulated to supply all of the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that the athlete's body demands during intense training and competition. In all, there are over 90 ingredients that make up the patent-pending formulation.

Ultima has taken a strong interest in supporting athletes through sponsorship deals, as well as supporting major organizations and events. Many of the elite athletes on Team Ultima are among Americas best in their given sport. USA swimmers Brooke Bennett, Bill Pilczuk, and Jason Lezak and runners Bob Kennedy and Suzy Hamilton are just a few of Ultimas sponsored athletes.

Lezak is the American Record Holder in the 100-meter freestyle. During his career he had tried all kinds of sports drinks with limited results. He has seen an increase in his training and racing performances since he started drinking Ultima Replenisher.

"Before I tried Ultima I was using other products that contained simple sugar. He said. I was noticing that I was having highs and lows during my exercise and throughout the day. With Ultima I have been able to avoid the sugar highs and lows. The effect on my training helped me set an American Record at the World Cup."

Lezak said at first he didnt see a difference with Ultima because he wasnt taking it consistently. When he started taking it every day, he noticed a great improvement in his training.

Unlike most sports drinks, Ultima Replenisher adds no artificial colors or flavors. In addition, the product has much higher percentages of complex carbohydrates (100%), and electrolytes and minerals (70) than other leading products.

"Ultima Replenisher is the first sports nutritional drink that really addresses hydration and replacing all of the nutritional elements lost during exercise," says Ultima Replenisher President Cal Rifkin. "Ultima Replenisher was designed to replace all the nutrients that one loses in the proper ratios.

Much of Ultimas recent success may have a lot to do with the grass roots approach that the company has taken. Along with its athletes, Ultima has sponsorship deals with several organizations and major athletic events. Some include, the American Swim Coaches Association, USA Track and Field, The Los Angeles Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, and many other quality events.

"We are a strong grass roots supporter of running, swimming, triathlon and cycling," says Rifkin. "We also have sponsorship deals with elite and up and coming athletes."

The product may work wonders for elite athletes, but how does it work for the recreational athlete that is trying to save a few seconds off of their personal best.

Jeff Blane is a triathlete that works in an athletic specialty store in Chicago. He has used Ultima Replenisher several times, and has found the product to be as good as any that he has used.

"I pretty much try every product that comes into our store, said Blaine. Most of them taste so bad that I dont continue using them long enough to get results. I like Ultima. I have used it in my training several times. But the place where it works best for me has been in competitions. I will drink it while I am on the bike, and during the running part of my race."

Ultima products are sold in athletic specialty stores and by nutritional product retailers. In addition, you can order the product online at The product comes in wildberry and rasberry flavors, and is sold in a single packet serving or a 32 packet training box.

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